Lana Boyuk & The Yoga of Intimacy - "Awakening Your Consciousness"

As an Intuitive Life Coach & Human Potential Mentor, my principle aim is to teach you how to elevate and sustain your energy so you gain clarity and perspective; seeing the Truth of what's happening.  You will discover your strength, which is accessed thru your vulnerability.  I will teach you how to become fluid and adaptable so you may experience life with more grace, and, to be honest about the quality of your present life so you no longer settle.  I will teach you how to feel safe so you can confidently make courageous choices that enable you to create a radiant, authentic and empowering life!

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   "There is a Life Stream that flows to you, and this is a Stream of clarity, a
    Stream of wellness, a Stream of abundance ... and in any moment, you are
    allowing it or not.  What someone else does with the Stream, or not, does
    not have anything to do with how much of it will be left for you.  This
    Stream is as abundant as your ideas allow it to be." Abraham-Hicks

I will lovingly support you towards feeling the authentic realness of your life, its truths, experiences and emotions, teaching you how to meet and honor them all without judgment, so stress, sadness and depression; all which erode and destroy your body, mind and emotions, can be understood, healed and eventually transformed. 

You will learn be honest with yourself, discovering what you need and finding a voice to ask for it.  By knowing what you need, and having the confidence, vulnerability, grace and courage to ask for it, you establish clear boundaries that support you taking steps to let go of your pain-stories, those beliefs which keep you in a repetitive loop of creating disappointment, depression, unnecessary suffering and self-imposed blockages in your life.

Releasing your stories enables you to flow with all that life offers, such as the gifts disguised as teachings.  You will become more curious as you learn to understand your insights, seeing life from a greater perspective, trusting and surrendering to "what is", and choosing to become the Co-Creator of your life.

   When you're vibrating in harmony with your soul's highest emotions,
   you embark on an exhilarating ride to all that is good about life; when
   you give power over to your ego's life-draining emotions, they take you
   on a depressing ride to the familiar territory of your problems, upsets,
   and dramas of the past.  This is where you have a powerful choice to
   make."   Debbie Ford

I will teach you how to meet your life-path challenges with grace, in the most fluid way, with very clear and supportive steps, along with constant reminders that the answers are Always to be found within you.  This is a huge lesson in patience and trusting right timing as a means to effortless action.  The image is that of a flower bud unfolding its petals in the right time for it’s blooming. When it gets enough sun, water and nutrients and it has had the time to grow and mature, then the flower will naturally open. If you force the petals open before the time is right, you will ruin the flowering.  Your time is now!

You need to trust that the choices and changes that have occurred in your life, and the intentions you set for yourself that have come from the heart will unfold for you in the best way possible. You just have to get your false personality and ego that does not trust the process out of the way. If you can acknowledge that you consciously choose everything that happens to you in your life, that position of power will feed whatever intentions you set with enough chi to cause them to unfold and manifest in the best way possible. 

You do not need to take this journey alone.  We are meant to share, ask for help, and be open to receive support.  This is how we liberate from fear and shame.  Your part is to connect to the Source within you; your highest wisdom; that which is always there to guide you in the best way, ask for help to come into your life, enabling you to make better choices with clarity, making you feel safe, supported, anchored and part of the greater whole,opening up to receive abundance beyond your wildest imaginings, in all all areas of your life, in all ways, always!

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With an extensive medicine bundle of tools, teachings, and an intimate under-standing of the body, emotions, mind and spirit, I will help you transition, in a loving and supportive way, into a new way of seeing your life and present circumstances; living from allowance, while I guide and mentor you in ways to regain your clarity, health, vibrancy, joy, inspiration, confidence, passion and freedom.  From this state of wholeness, it is possible to know greater vitality, who you are, what you authentically want in life, and, how to access your voice of authenticity; that place within you that is without fear, shame, limited beliefs, stories and the "need to know," enabling you to radiate a magnetism that makes you captivating, compelling, and attractive for a generous flow of Universal Abundance to enter and purify all areas of your life!

The principle pillars of Life-Path Coaching & Mentoring are inspired by:

. Elevate Energy .
Practices for Accessing your Vitality

. Excavate True Self .
Ways to Uncover your Authenticity & What you Really Want in Life

. Empower Relationships .
Manifesting your Reality & Relationships with Integrity

My continued intention with you is to get you embodied; residing and living in your body and learning how to "visit" the head for specific purposes.  If you think of a tree, a stable foundation is imperative, acting like fertile soil where your new way of being and relating can in your Self and the world can take root, be cared for and nourished so as to be able to fully flourish, time and time again. 

I will constantly re-evaluate and re-balance your overall health and state of wellness, so as to invite a harmonious synergy within.  When your vital life-force energy is elevated, you become more intuitive and trusting of the relationship you have with yourself.  You are more readily allowing of the wisdom you have and courageous of excavating the areas of your life that require attention, honesty, and transformation. With consistent care, attention, integrity and diligence, you will feel the inner stirrings of an empowered Self birthing, readying you with the hunger, passion and vision to manifest a life you could only dream was possible!

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Our World is changing.  You may find that relationships, work and pastimes that were once fulfilling have lost their appeal. You are beginning to look for deeper meaning in all that you do because your inner self is awakening. This may leave you feeling very vulnerable, confused and unsure of where to go, what to do and how to Be in this new state.  You may feel overwhelmed with how to begin to deal with changes in your life.

Our life force is diminished when our bodies become overloaded with toxic wastes from poor diet, unhealthy thoughts, disabled emotions, uninspiring lives and incorrect habits.  These toxins accumulate in the body due to poor elimination and releasing of aspects "which no longer serve the body and Being," causing further intoxication on the cellular level, which compromises our natural defenses against disease ~ the immune system.

When we realize how our minds manipulate, suppress, change, and distort, we begin to perceive the awesome way in which our heads create our world - and can also heal our inner world from pain, suffering, confusion, overwhelm and discord; in turn, choosing a life of empowerment and awareness.

There is no moving into a life of inspiration, abundance, manifestation and ease without first choosing to understand your self-worth, and putting into action a cleansing and fortification of the body, mind and emotions so that you are more whole, healthy, integrated and grounded.

You have to choose to say Yes to going into those parts of your life - the behavioral patterns that you have denied, rejected and pushed away.  When you gently access those disowned aspects of your self, and lovingly integrate them back into your heart with forgiveness and compassion, your entire life will be graced with amazing opportunities, people, experiences and vitality, in ways beyond your wildest imaginings - in all ways, continuously and effortlessly!

"Lana leads by example.  The nature of Lana’s business is the re-creation of her values, knowledge and expertise into programs that benefit those who participate in them.  Essentially, what people are paying for is Lana’s influence.  That influence is brought about through the teaching of skills and different ways of thinking about ourselves and the world around us in order to improve our personal health and well-being.
The range of people influenced by Lana is as large as the range of her undertakings.   All of these people share something:  they are all interested in change…. Her energy, creativity and effective involvement in all of these areas is the source of her influence."
  Diana Fuller