Lana Boyuk & The Yoga of Intimacy - "Awakening Your Consciousness"

At some moment, maybe this moment, something comes along which may
significantly change your life.  RADIANCE The Art of Graceful Living

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Having a vision, objectives and goals supports us in knowing which choices we need to make.  Our deepest desires emerge from our souls, inspiring us to evolve into what we are meant to be.  Our goals guide us toward the roads we need to take.  However, if we are unclear about our destination, we are easily misled.  The longer we wander without purpose or direction, the more lost and unclear we become.

Lana Boyuk is a deeply respected international Holistic Life Coach & Spiritual Guide who has inspired many women to discover and tap into their inner wisdom and ability to transform all areas of life with ease, confidence and grace. 

Lana offers accessible tools that when practiced and integrated into everyday life, may support a more empowered, balanced and holistic relationship to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, enabling you to feel more healthy, whole, connected, and inspired. 

Drawing on more than 25 years of study, training and personal self-inquiry, including 13 years of teaching as a Registered Yoga Teacher (with a 500 hr designation), 12 years as a Certified Holistic Life Coach & Yoga of Intimacy Coach, for 17 years combined as a Chef / Raw Foods Chef, Educator & Certified Nutritionist, Lana's "tool kit" supports her in being able to host a series of inspirational programs and retreats, and sharing a way of empowered living called RADIANCE: The Art of Graceful Living. 

I invite you to get comfortable as you explore the numerous self care services I offer.  I would like to suggest that you view my Services page for an overview of individual programs, and my Calendar for specific dates for these services. 

I will guide you on this inspiring journey of graceful self care with the use of practical tools, teachings, practices, and techniques so you learn to still the chatter in your mind, become more intuitive and learn to be guided from within so as to be able to best nurture and nourish the needs of your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

You will learn to meet your life challenges with more grace, clarity, faith and confidence.  You will learn to how to be more honest with yourself, discovering what you truly need and finding a confident voice to ask for it.  You will learn that when you establish healthy boundaries that support your values, dreams, and desires, you are closer to creating a life of balance, abundance and ease!


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