Lana Boyuk & The Yoga of Intimacy - "Awakening Your Consciousness"

Our World is Changing.  We as a collective whole are coming to new realizations that demand our surroundings to be different.

You may find that relationships, work and pastimes that were once fulfilling have lost their appeal. You are beginning to look for deeper meaning in all that you do because your inner self is awakening. This may leave you feeling very vulnerable, confused and unsure of where to go, what to do and how to Be in this new state.  You may feel overwhelmed with how to begin to deal with changes in your life.

Our life force is diminished when our bodies become overloaded with toxic wastes from poor diet, unhealthy thoughts, disabled emotions, uninspiring lives and incorrect habits.  These toxins accumulate in the body due to poor elimination and releasing of aspects "which no longer serve the body and Being," causing further intoxification on the cellular level, which compromises our natural defenses against disease ~ the immune system.

There is no moving into a life of inspiration, abundance, manifestation and ease without first choosing to understand your self-worth, and putting into action a cleansing and fortification of the body, mind and emotions so that you are more whole, healthy, integrated and grounded.  There is no "by-pass-this-part-card," so to say.

You have to choose to say yes to going into those parts of your life - the behavioral patterns that you have denied, rejected and pushed away.  And when you gently access those disowned aspects of your self, and lovingly integrate them back into your heart with forgiveness and compassion, your entire life will be graced with amazing opportunities, people, experiences and vitality, in ways beyond your wildest imaginings - in all ways, continuously!!  This is happening to people all over the world. We are in this together.

Begin your life transformation with one-on-one, intuited, Holistic Life Coaching with Lana Boyuk.  Together, we will co-create sessions that Elevate, Excavate and Empower You!

"When you're vibrating in harmony with your soul's highest emotions, you embark on an exhilarating ride to all that is good about life; when you give power to your ego's life-draining emotions, they take you on a depressing ride to the familiar territory of your problems, upsets, and dramas of the past.  The is where you have a powerful choice to make." Debbie Ford 

My principle aim is to teach you how to regain your health, vibrancy and inner-connection/guidance through the re-establishment of your body-wisdom and natural abilities to heal yourself. From this state of wholeness, it is possible to know greater vitality, who you are and what you authentically want in life, and, how to have empowered relationships with yourself and others. 

When we realize how our minds manipulate, suppress, change, and distort, we begin to perceive the awesome way in which our heads create our world - and can also heal our inner world from pain, suffering, confusion, overwhelm and discord; in turn, choosing a life of empowerment and awareness.

I have the tools that can help you transition gracefully into a new way of living.  Join me, a Spiritual Midwife, as I help you remember the tools you came into this world with, how to use them and how to Be open to Divine Inspiration moving through you and Guiding your life in the most graceful and amazing ways.

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Energetic Synergy for Wholehearted Living

A Women's Deep Purification Retreat
Nosara, Costa Rica: March 8 - 15th, 2014

The Conscious Living Pillars of
Energetic Synergy for Wholehearted Living

Elevate Prana .
Practices for Accessing your Vitality

Excavate True Self .
Ways to Uncover your Authenticity &
What you Really Want in Life

Empower Relationships .
Manifesting your Reality & Relationships with Integrity

Begin your life transformation with one-on-one, intuited, Holistic Life Coaching with Lana Boyuk.  Together, we will co-create sessions that Elevate, Excavate and Empower You!

My Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program centers on the aspects of Elevate Prana, Excavate True Self and Empower Relationships.  Together these are cornerstone elements in living a conscious life and establishing yourself as an empowered individual.  In my teaching I have witnessed the theme of stress as resistance to flowing through life events.   Ultimately you want to move from a  place of stress / resistance / disease and uncertainty to a state of harmony, trust and allowing.

As you surrender to the flow of life you can begin to access your intuition and take right action to live from a place of empowerment.  Learn to establish boundaries in areas that deplete your energy so you can Elevate Prana, Excavate True Self and cultivate Empowering Relationships. I call this Wholehearted Living.

“Do you believe you are on your path?  Are you happy? 
If you aren’t happy, look for your path.”   ~  Mikistly