Lana Boyuk & The Yoga of Intimacy - "Awakening Your Consciousness"

At some moment, maybe this moment, something comes along which significantly changes your life. 

RADIANCE ~ A Return to Self-Care.

Lana Boyuk is a deeply respected International Holistic Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor who has helped many to discover and tap into their inner wisdom and ability to transform all areas of their lives with ease, confidence and grace.

With more than 25 years of study, training and personal self-inquiry, Lana's "tool kit", which honors the mind, body, emotions and spirit is extensive, supporting her in being able to host a series of inspirational programs and retreats, intimate gatherings and sharing a way of living called RADIANCE: A Return to Self-Care.


"Radiance implies an inner light and energy emerging from within to positvely affect those around me.  I want to exude radiant love and positive energy to bless those around me, and in turn, absorb and embrace the reciprocal love and positive energy in return."  Lana Boyuk


My intention as your Holistic Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor, is to support you on your journey of becoming more radiant!  Here's how I integrate my teachings:

With the integration of yoga, breathing, meditation, prayer, reiki, vibrational frequency water SEM, and a diet that integrates high-energy foods, you will elevate your energy. 

With Holistic Life Coaching that employs practices in self-inquiry and personal-discovery, Yoga of Intimacy and a gentle understanding of the chakra system, you will be better able to explore your authentic self. 

With a daily awareness and integration of very basic yet fundamental self-care rituals and practices, you will be more capable and confident in your ability to discern and establish empowering relationships with yourself and others!

I will guide you on this inspiring journey of self-care with the use of practical tools, teachings, practices, and techniques so you learn to still the chatter in your mind, become more intuitive and learn to be guided from within so as to be able to best nurture and nourish the needs of your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

You will learn to meet your life challenges with more grace, clarity, faith and trust.  You will learn to how to be more honest with yourself, discovering what you truly need and finding a confident voice to ask for it.  You will learn that when you establish healthy boundaries that support your values, dreams, and desires, you are closer to creating a life of balance, abundance and ease!

      When I think of Lana and my/our time together, I cannot help but say a sincere "thank you".

      Thank you for sharing your unique special gift with all of us who choose to walk down this

      Thank you for offering up your sacred space that you so lovingly share with all of us each
      week.  Making it welcoming, safe and warm with candles lit and a tea placed gently in our
      Thank you for gifting us with your teachings, your wisdom and your guidance to getting
      us to move through those layers in life that make us feel tight and uneasy.

      Thank you for continuing to teach me to "let go" of experiences, objects, people who do not
      serve me in the way that I need to grow and flourish.

      Thank you for listening to us with every fibre of being.  Your eyes tell me that you ready to
      listen to our story.  Your words guide me and help me to make it easier to deal with the
      energy that is moving through me, and your hugs, well we feel your strength and I am
      forever grateful for those moments.

      Thank you for helping me become more aware of being present and accepting that I am in this
      moment, to honour it, accept it, feel it, breathe it, learn from it, then let it go.

      Thank you, Lana, for making my life more RADIANT!

      Daria Dziuba, RADIANT Lounge Sessions for Women
      Sudbury, Ontario Canada

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