If you have been led here, trust that it is for a reason; you have been guided here to build the tools you need to support you in living a more balanced life, that place where there is just the right amount of effort and surrender. 

You can learn how to live in less stress, push, effort, and chaos.  You can learn how to access greater awareness and know-how that will support you living more gracefully on your healing journey.

At some moment, maybe this moment, something comes along which may significantly change your life.

Welcome to Radiance Yoga & Lifestyle School
Graceful Empowerment thru Self Care

Let me suggest why you may have found yourself here:

In life, there comes, at least, one moment which, if we can recognize and seize it, transforms the course of our life forever.

This tipping point between mundane struggle and comfortable confidence requires the bravery to be willing to ask for support.

If you feel ready to act courageously, are open to coaching and guidance that will require you to get honest, and are ready for inspiring shifts, then Radiance Yoga & Lifestyle will support you in accessing your fullest, most radiant, human potential and individual gifts.

This is an opportunity to experience graceful guidance towards accessing your vitality, while uncovering your authenticity, and discovering what you really want in life, without guilt, self-sacrifice, and unnecessary struggle.

Design a lifestyle you are inspired to align with and invest your interest in.  Adopt loving self-care practices that nourish and nurture your mind, body, and emotions.  Become more connected with your intuition so that you learn to make wiser choices that come from a place of feeling supported.  Radiance Yoga & Lifestyle is a map that provides inspiring ways for navigating life in more graceful ways, with workshops, programs, coaching, and training intensives. 

And, if you're ready to take your personal yoga relationship to another level, I offer the following intimate training opportunities:

 CYA-30HR Chakra Yoga Teacher Training in Sudbury
(August 25 - 28th, 2017)
CYA-30HR YIN Yoga Teacher Training
Sudbury (November 3 - 6th, 2017)

CYA-30HR Chakra Yoga Retreat & Chakra Yoga Teacher Training
Costa Rica (February 3 - 10th, 2018).

CYA-200HR Yoga Teacher Training & Mentorship Programs in Sudbury, Ontario (February 13th, 2018)

You were never meant to walk this journey alone ... and now you don’t have toContact me for your complimentary orientation session.

With love and kindness,
Lana Boyuk,
Founder - Radiance Yoga & Lifestyle School