Calling all women who:

  • Feel bored, or like you've reached an impasse in life.

  • Are building your healing toolkit and want to use these tools to contribute to the world as a healer.

  • Are courageous and willing to take an honest look at yourself and what's not working in your life in order to create a life you love.

  • Long for a tribe of like-minded, powerful women who have gifts to contribute to the world.

  • Are willing to take an honest look at the past and draw the line in the sand and step into the next 9-year astrological cycle in your full power.

  • Are ready to what was, and learn to release in a sacred way with gratitude for the ways the past served you.

Let's come together as a collective to experience the curiosity, wonder, magic joy of life!

On January 20th and 21st we will set the foundation for our lives as we enter the next 9-year astrological cycle, using tools from the 8 aspects of the Foundations of Nourishing Self Care:

This weekend workshop is an opportunity for you to experience caring for yourself in a new way.  Go beyond superficial acts of self-care to redefine it as connecting to your inner wisdom, standing by yourself, and trusting yourself as you create a life you enjoy living.  Learn the tools and practices you need to live with deeper self-care and self-love.

What to Expect:

  • Be guided to look at yourself beyond your roles as mother, wife, partner, daughter, etc. to see the truth of who you are and find clarity on how you want to show up in the world.

  • Rituals to celebrate and let go of the past from a place of empowerment, peace and joy so that you can happily step into the next phase of your life.

  • Get complete with your past and fully honor your experiences, so you can find gratitude for who you’ve become because of them.

  • Be part of a sacred circle of women to give and receive love, grieve, and, celebrate as a collective so you leave with a deep knowing that we are all one.

  • Form a sisterhood of empowered women who will care for and uplift each other moving forward.

  • Experience the love and support of a team of like-minded women who’ve come together to uplift and support each other as you learn to support yourself.

  • Learn how to nourish your body, mind, and spirit from a place of wisdom so that you become your greatest ally and have a deeper trust in your own resilience.

  • Cultivate the tools you need to rise to a new vibration so that you can operate from a place of deeper joy, gratitude and, connection to the truth of who you are.

You are your greatest investment. Learn the tools that form the base of resilience and radiance for your life, without which you set yourself up to experience unnecessary pain and suffering.

“When I know I’m taking care of myself, I can more elegantly evolve and gracefully grow. I’m able to navigate the inevitable expansions and contractions of life with more ease.” – Lana Boyuk

Cycles of Nourishing Self Care Workshop Outline:

Develop a deep and trusting relationship with yourself where you know you have what it takes to make it through the difficulties life presents you with. Learn tools from the 8 aspects of the Foundations of Self Care:


Silence is required to tune into your inner-knowing and intuition; the Energy which guides your life. Cultivate this relationship with introspection, patience, and curiosity.


Explore areas of your life that feel heavy and uninspiring. These areas, whether you realize it or not, drain you of your energy and vital life force.  Once recognized, you can establish healthy boundaries that move you out of fear and pain and into a more inspired way of being.


Participate in a releasing ritual that honors the natural cycle of life:  birth, growth, maturity, death. Allow the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and heaviness of past stories to be released in a loving, respectful way.


Forgiveness is an art for that requires compassion, patience, and maturity.  Explore the cycle of emotions that support you in being able to release, heal, and transform your history of pain and suffering.  


Cultivate a stable foundation for an inspiring, nourishing, balanced and integrated life; one where “right-actions” are guided by the wisdom of the heart.

Ask (for guidance and support)

Ask and open yourself to the many ways guidance and support can come forth. Experience more clarity, gentleness, confidence, and comfort as you learn to ask and receive.


Divine Feminine energy is receptive energy. Partake in a ritual to create a circle of support, making it easier to receive from the Universe.


Express your love and gratitude for life. Connect to the intelligence of your heart-wisdom to amplify your energy and magnetize to you more abundance, beauty, possibility, and joy!

This work celebrates the wisdom of your inner little girl, the young woman you were, the responsible woman you became, and, the wise woman you are becoming.  This is a journey of rediscovering your joy, love, curiosity, and enjoyment in a more divinely Feminine way; a slower and more enjoyable way, weaving a balanced life of pleasure, purpose, and presence.

Are you ready to take full ownership of your life?  Does investing in yourself in the most generous way sound inspiring?  Then join us Now!

Dates &Times:  
Saturday, January 20th:  12:00 - 5:00 pm
Sunday, January 21st :  12:00 - 5:00 pm

$199 +HST before December 20th, 2017
$249 + HST after December 20th, 2017

What's Included:  workbook & gift pack

Venue:   MYoga on Cedar Street, Sudbury

What to Bring: 
yoga mat, journal, colored pens/markers, photos of yourself as a little girl, young woman, mother, and, the wise woman you aspire to grow into.