Lana Boyuk & The Yoga of Intimacy - "Awakening Your Consciousness"

A Women's Deep Purification Retreat

Nosara, Costa Rica
March 8 - 15th, 2014

Reawaken . Redefine . Repurpose . Remember . Rebirth

"The Empowered Woman, she moves through the world
with a sense of confidence and Grace.  Her once reckless
Spirit now tempered by Wisdom. Quietly, yet firmly,
she speaks her Truth without doubt or hesitation and the
life she leads is of her own creation."    Sonny Carroll

This retreat will reawaken your remembering that Self Care is Sexy & Empowering! With compassion, kindness and humility, we will enter into a deep inner journey, exploring practices that can assist us in discovering more of who we are, what moves us, ignites and transforms us.

We will cleanse and detoxify the mind, body and emotions, making space and clearing the pathways so your own Divine Source energy can enter, lovingly guide you, help you see, feel, know, sense and hear your own Wisdom and direction.

We will partake into sacred ceremonies and rituals that reconnect us with Nature and Her Wisdom; amplifying and reminding of us our own Inner Wisdom.

We will drink cleansing juices daily, partake in nurturing yoga and breathing practices, explore chakras and the healing power of plant elixirs and reiki. 

We will explore the destructive cost of living in stress and its effects on the entire being, as well as discovering how alkalizing with delicious living & raw foods can be utilized as medicine for the body, acting as a powerful antidote to body inflammation. 

We will gather as a council of wise women to meditate, redefine and repurpose a life design that expresses more of your True Nature and Purpose, along with a very practical lifestyle program that will enable you to feel rooted into your home life with the practices you discover while on your exotic journey of self discovery in gorgeous Costa Rica.

Your journey will begin with a one-on-one Skype coaching session with me, so that I can better meet your needs for this intimate and customized retreat. Your inner Wise Woman is ready to rebirth through you so as to express, share, and teach, beyond the pain stories, fragmentation, separation and illusions.

Your Sisterhood Awaits You! Will You Join Us?

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Self Care is Sexy & Empowering!
A Women's Deep Purification & Detox Retreat April '13

What's Included:

The price of $1444 includes double occupancy accommodations, a 45 minute private Life Coaching session via Skype, lifestyle program for when you return home, daily yoga, meditation, breathing practices, early morning cleansing beverage, 2 daily detoxifying juices, sun teas, 1 daily living foods meal and living foods educational & practical classes, a living foods recipe manual, experiential classes and hotel taxes.

Not Included:

What is NOT included is airfare and shuttle to and from Nosara B&B Retreat Center from Liberia International Airport in Costa Rica nor are the gratuities that are customary to offer Retreat Center staff at the end of the retreat.   Shuttle is arranged directly with Nosara B&B Retreat Center.  Any extra curricular activities are not included in the price.

Your Agenda:

You will arrive on Saturday March 8th after 11 am, with our program beginning with a 6 pm dinner.

You will depart on Saturday March 15th by 11 am, preferably in time to catch the 8 am morning shuttle to Liberia International Airport.

Your full day off is Tuesday March 11th to explore, play, register for surf lessons, zip-lining, horse back riding, or to enjoy a leisurely beach walk to the local Farmer's Market and neighboring town of Playa Gionnes.  At the end of the day, you may find yourself sitting at a beautiful sunset while enjoying a sensational dinner at La Luna, or meditating at your own personal sunset while you rest and relax.   Daily, after lunch, you have a 4 hour block of time to once more do what you would like ... maybe just hanging out in a hammock or spending time at the ocean which is a 3 minute walk away.


Click here to view the Nosara Retreat Center.

Contact Me & Payment:

Please email me at if you have questions.  Otherwise, click the link to pay the $500 (plus paypal fee of 3.5%) non-refundable deposit that will secure your attendance at this retreat.  Retreat space is limited.  Please also review terms & policies before paying your deposit for Self Care Is Sexy & Empowering - A Women's Deep Purification Retreat:  March 8 - 15th, 2014 with Lana Boyuk.

Contact Theresa at Nosara Retreat directly to arrange for a shuttle to and from Liberia International Airport.  Theresa will also assist you with making arrangements for any extra curricular activities you may wish to register for.

With gratitude for your time and interest.