Welcome to this sacred space where some of what I am feeling, thinking and working through, has a venue to be witnessed, processed and expressed.  My hope is that my practice of transparency and vulnerability, will offer you some inspiration, feel heard, met, and seen.  You may even find that what I share parallels questions and thoughts in your own life, and that it provides you a sense of comfort and maybe momentary clarity.  If this is the case, I invite you, actually ask you, to please share with those around you that may also be asking similar questions, and in turn, may benefit. 

I have learned that many of us are deeply afraid to speak and expose ourselves for fear of judgment from others, while some of us don't even know how to access or trust our inner voice, that what we have to say matters. 

Universally we share certain struggles and fears, that if spoken about, felt and acknowledged, could support and assist us collectively in being liberated from the fear and exponentially catalyze our ascension process. 

So, with grace, kindness, and humility, I will attempt to express that which we may all wish we had the courage to ask about, share, question, explore and feel into.  I am honored to have the opportunity to practice revealing myself to you while I am seen, heard and supported.

Thank you for visiting,

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