“Do not wait.  Start where you stand,
work with whatever tools you may have at your command,
and better tools will be found as you go along.”

Napoleon Hill

At this point you may be wondering if Holistic Life Coaching is a perfect fit for you, so let’s make this very simple to understand. 

Are you struggling, confused, exhausted, feel unsupported,
numb or in discomfort in any part of your life?

Are you open and curious about building a life that generously offers
grace, ease, pleasure, joy, and gratitude?

Would you like to experience deeper confidence and clarity?

Do you desire greater stability in your health and wellness?

Are you ready to access profound support and guidance in your daily life?

Are you hungry for "something more", but don't know "what" that is?

This is what my experience as a  Life Coach may offer you.

RADIANCE Holistic Life Coaching  is established on three cornerstone teaching pillars: Anchor, Align, and Connect; offering you progressive enrichment and gentle transformation in all areas of your life - your body, your mind, your emotions, your relationships, your work, your spirituality, your personal self-care, your dreams & goals, and so much more!

You can start from exactly where you are right now.  You can begin even if you’re not sure where you’ll end up, because when you are trusting ... trusting your inner guidance, you will be in the perfect place.

Since 1995, I have diligently engaged in some form of mentoring, coaching, deep exploration, healing, and personal growth work with others' and myself. 

I have been teaching yoga since 2001 and coaching since 2002.  In January 2017 I launched my first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training & Mentorship along with a 100-hour Holistic Lifestyle Certification, and in August 2017, my first 30-hour Chakra Yoga Training, providing me with a means to support the Life-Student who wishes to evolve their life in an even more empowered way!

I'm committed to continuously growing, expanding and evolving, and it's important to me to support you to continuously grow and evolve so you are able to live your life more fully, and with more love, passion, compassion, and radiant love energy for yourself and others.

These 20 + years of living and teaching supports me in intuitively being able to weave numerous modalities into each session I engage in, depending what is needed either mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I would love the opportunity to offer you an introductory session where we explore where you're at and what it is you desire to create so as to live a life of greater grace and ease.  Please contact me if you would like to explore working together.

With love and kindness,


 Rates for Coaching: 
$75 - 30 minutes /  $111 - 60 minutes


"I AM healing! I AM dancing and singing in the kitchen again! I AM learning how to love myself and have compassion for myself... I did not think that I could or would emerge out of the deep darkness that was affecting my every waking minute, my marriage and my children.

Lana, I truly thank my spirit guides for placing you on my path. Thank you, Lana, for sharing your light so that I might find mine... Thank you for your insight, guidance, and wisdom in teaching me how to become the "ME" that I was always meant to be.  I AM HAPPY again! Namaste, Lana, truly and deeply..."

Natalie Gerow, Sudbury, ON