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And if I may support you in taking the first step towards living from deeper awareness and loving self-care, I invite you to contact me for your 20- minute complimentary, orientation session. 


RADIANCE is established on three cornerstone teaching pillars:  Anchor, Align, and Connect; offering you progressive enrichment and gentle transformation in all areas of your life -your body, your mind, your emotions, your relationships, your work, your spirituality, your personal self-care, your dreams & goals, and so much more! 



Chakra Studies
Elemental Embodiment
Life Coaching
Shamanic Studies
Yoga of Intimacy
Holistic Living Training
Yoga Teacher Training

I invite you to receive deep hands-on, integrated healing that leaves you feeling more anchored, aligned, connected, balanced, energized, and receptive to hearing your own voice of intuition.  You will be reminded of your perfect state of health and your ability to direct and guide your life with greater awareness.

Creating Sacred Space is a 2.5-hour session that takes place in your own home.  You will be educated on core shamanic teachings, smudging for purifying and clearing your sacred space, how to select powerful personal items, and how to create your own home altar for personal empowerment.  When we create a sacred space to sit and be with our Self, personal transformation is possible.

Yoga is a gateway into the body; your point of entry to connect with Spirit.  Stepping into your body allows you to discover your Self from the inside out, to become intimately acquainted with your emotional responses and reactions, the language of your physical body, and an understanding of your inner wisdom.

Certified in 2001, I now have over 6000 teaching hours, which doesn't include workshops and retreats.  I was the Owner / Director of Sudbury's first traditional yoga studio, OM Yoga Space 2004-2011. 

In October 2016, I opened Radiance Yoga & Lifestyle School, and now offer a semi-annual 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 30hr Chakra Yoga Training*, and, 100hr Holistic Lifestyle Training*, all which are recognized by the Canadian Yoga Alliance.  These intimate training programs are available to only 6 students at a time.  *These 2 programs are open to individuals that are not necesarily yoga teachers.


My intention with these resources is to provide you with loving direction and supportive guidance as you go delve more deeply into the layers of You.