Lana is a deeply respected Holistic Life Coach, Yoga Teacher Trainer (CYA300hr), and Lifestyle Educator who has inspired many to discover and tap into their inner wisdom and ability to transform all areas of their lives with grace and elegance.

With more than 25 years of study, training and personal self-inquiry, Lana's "tool-kit", which honors the mind, body, emotions and spirit is extensive, supporting her in being able to host a series of inspirational programs and retreats, intimate gatherings and sharing a way of living called RADIANCE: The Art of Graceful Growth & Elegant Evolution.

Lana's own journey of transformation began at the age of 20, a year before her first Son was to be born.  Lana's path has been one of transcending adversity, trauma and several ‘dark nights of the soul’ in order to harvest the wisdom, strength, and perseverance that such adversities inherently bring, and to share the power of possibility to benefit as many people as possible.

Lana's early childhood experiences of poverty, neglect, abuse, and being fostered, resulted in low self-worth.  Lana recalls her first feelings of depression and longing for her life to be over beginning at the age of nine, and at 12 and 26, made attempts to take her own life.

At the age of thirteen, Lana was blessed to meet a woman that would eventually adopt her and raise her as her own.  By 17, Lana's highly intuitive and spiritual nature was kindled, and she began learning about plant medicines, sacred nature rituals, aromatherapy, participating in women's healing circles, interpreting oracles, and using food as nourishment and medicine.