for Anyone Interested in Chakras
Facilitated by Lana Boyuk, E-RYT, CYA-RYS300

"To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless.  Without an anchor we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life."  Anodea Judith

Your Chakras hold the energetic patterning that shapes your choices. Gaining a deeper understanding of this innate wisdom can offer you greater clarity and insight, opening your life up to a new level of confidence, freedom, health, and flow.

  • In this (30-hour) experiential chakra training; a profound formula for wholeness and personal transformation, you will discover more about yourself as you are guided through practices and teachings on chakra philosophy, psychology, emotional-awareness, pranayama, mantras, mudras, guided meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, and more!

  • You will access a different perspective on your life, one where you become personally empowered and feel more confident in your rhythms; choosing when to pause and when to surrender and be patient, and, when to take timely actions that support you creating and navigating a life of more grace and ease.

  • You will leave with a clear understanding of how to better balance your own energy systems, and have practical tools for doing so.

  • You can learn to humbly and gently encourage others to live their life in a more integrated and holistic way. 

  • You will receive a working manual where your personal insights and reflections can be written.  Within these pages are also various supportive tools you can utilize for bringing more balance to your chakras, such as aromatherapy, gemstones, food choices, yoga postures, affirmations, meditations, mudras, mantras, seed sounds, and much more!

  • For those pursuing the 40-Hour Chakra Yoga Training: 
    You are required to complete an
    additional 10-home study hours with focus on building chakra inspired yoga sequences.  See Accreditation below.

  • You can watch a video testimonial here


Yoga is an ancient art that acts as a gateway into our body.  Once inside, there are other doorways and passages that we gain access to.  These pathways can bring us more deeply into an alignment with the wisdom residing in our heart, mind, and, spirit; the intuition and inner voice.

This is work that requires compassion, bravery, curiosity, patience, and a call to shift, shed, and understand the Self more thoroughly. 

During these 4-days together, some of what you will experience is a deep dive into your own core relationship with the chakras, exploring the shadows that inhabit each chakra; those neglected parts of yourself that when left untended, create negative imprints on your body, mind, and emotions, manifesting as unhealthy personal habits and self-sabotaging practices, illness and disease. There will be considerable time allotted to having interactive conversations, as this helps to normalize deeply-imprinted insecurities, fears, self-judgments, and illusions, all of which help in harmonizing your chakras.

Recommended Reading:  “Eastern Body, Western Mind“ by Anodea Judith


I am the Founder/Director of Radiance Yoga & Lifestyle School, a Canadian Yoga Alliance Registered School.  Since starting my yoga teaching path in 2001, I have taught over 10,000 hands-on hours and feel blessed to have led thousands of students through their own journey of personal transformation. 

I began teaching yoga in 2001.  My study of the Chakras began in 2004 with Seane Corn, and with Anodea Judith in 2005, whom I continue to be mentored by.  I have consistently taught about Chakras since 2006, weaving teachings into my yoga classes, retreats, workshops, immersions, and work with individual coaching clients. 


Students completing this training will be honored with a Certificate of Completion for 40 Hours. This training fulfills the Canadian Yoga Alliance requirements for annual Continuing Education credits for  registered yoga teachers. 


Training Dates:
April 13 - 14
April 20 - 21, 2019

Saturday & Sunday:  11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Location:  MYoga on Cedar Street in Sudbury, Ontario  
Maximum Capacity:  16 Students 
Investment:  $679 (single payment) - $779 (payment plan)
Pre-Register Here:  MYoga Studio

Application Package:  Download Here