A Yoga & Lifestyle Training Program

Inner Mystic Yoga & Lifestyle Training is a very unique, experiential intensive and mentoring program for embodied leadership, providing you with a myriad of practical, every-day tools for cultivating a deeper relationship with your Self and Source as your own self-trusting guide, support, and, inner-guru.  
And yes, you are the One you’ve been seeking all along! 

The purpose of the Inner Mystic Journey is for you to acknowledge that you have the answers; that your inner-mystic is a very active, energetic being.  It’s about awareness of the inner-mystic; your own unique ecology, and the way you connect to your unique eco-system.  It’s about understanding energy and connecting to the visible and invisible realms; how you get nudges and hear your intuition, and how to navigate that.

Cultivating a relationship with your inner-mystic helps you to align your inner world to your outer world, offering you greater sensitivity, perspective, and connection with your natural abilities to hear, see, sense, and feel into the subtler energies always around you.

This is a journey that requires respect, compassion, curiosity, and a healthy dose of patience.  This is a journey of becoming the Inner Mystic who confidently leads you into deeper levels of Personal Discovery, Transformation, and Connection with you as Soul!

So now that the veil is lifting in terms of your insight and path, where is your inner-mystic calling you to journey?

  • Are you ready to become the leader of your own life so that you operate from the intelligence of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit as an integrated, whole human?

  • Do you choose to elevate and expand your entire being and live as the powerful creator that you are?  

  • Would learning how to use your body to influence your energy field and aura while creating personal boundaries and overall well-being inspire you?

  • Are you curious about how to harness your power, energy and gifts to navigate visible and invisible worlds, dimensions and experiences?

  • Does helping others to become more flexible, adaptable, trusting and resilient give you a feeling of personal meaning?

In Level One: Personal Foundations, you will be guided through 10-modules that bring you into a deeper relationship with yourself as a powerful, insightful, self-supportive, embodied leader of your life.  Read more about these modules. 

And, if living in a more empowered and aware way inspires you, I invite you to read on about becoming a 1:1 Guide (level two) and Group Facilitator (level three) so you can support others as they learn to gracefully journey home to their Heart.  Read more in this Introduction Package.

You can also view a 30-minute video where I speak to the overall feeling, intention, and content of Level 1.  Access the video.

Let’s open up to our potential both individually and collectively and allow growth to happen, find healing where it’s needed, and move on!

Enrollment is limited to a maximum of:
6 (40-hour students) and 10 (20-hour students)
Dates:  May 18 & 19, 2019
Location:  Northern Water Sports Centre, Lake Ramsey, Sudbury.
Investment:  $597 (20hr) - $897 (40hr)