"Lana leads by example.  The nature of Lana’s business is the re-creation of her values, and expertise into programs that benefit those who participate in them.  Essentially, what people are paying for is Lana’s influence.  That influence is brought about through the teaching of skills and different ways of thinking about ourselves and the world around us in order to improve our personal health and well-being.

The range of people influenced by Lana is as large as the range of her undertakings.   All of these people share something:  they are all interested in change…. Her energy, creativity and effective involvement in all of these areas the source of her influence."   Diana Fuller - Sudbury, Ontario

“You just love to give so much of yourself so that other people can learn from all of your great experiences that life has given you the pleasure to learn from.  By far, you are the closest example to what the new millennium has dictated us to become.”   Nicole Findlay, Ontario

"Lana!   I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunities you have introduced me to, and to send you a little note to let you know how much I adore your care, concern, passion and all around good vibes!  You are such a treasure.  I was at work this morning and a client came in... She said - you at Lana's class on Sunday?... I was like - YES!  We talked non-stop about how wonderful it was - then how wonderful you are.  You are so loved!!!! It's contagious ... I was telling her all about the other wonderful gems you teach and share.   I just thought I'd share.  You give such good stuff out... I hope you indeed reap what you sow. Thanks for being you... Magnificent being!"   Kelly Richards, Barrie, ON


"You are a magnificent goddess.  You are a wondrous creature.  Thank you for your patience, and tolerance of others.  Thank you for being totally present to witness our awakenings and to honor their sacredness.  Thank you for listening and offering your words of wisdom when asked. I am in awe of you.  You are amazing and so very special. Continue to believe and let your light shine."   Love, Michon Olson - Pahoa, Hawaii

"Never in my entire life have I been surrounded by so much outpouring of love.  I felt an instant remembering with all my “sisters.”   Thank you for gently allowing me to emerge as a beautiful being. I put my complete trust in you and you never .  Thank you for this gift.  Your strength navigated my awakening and I am truly grateful. I look forward to my next meeting.  I am so proud of you.  This has been so crazy-cool!" -  H. Booth - Ontario, Canada

"Lovely Lana, If I were to put this week into one word, I would have to say profound!  You continue to teach me to listen to my inner self and remind me to LET GO! With your loving words, you tell me to EMBRACE the person that I am today.  I am beautiful.  I can do anything.  I LOVE myself.

With your genuineness, and guidance you have shown me how to in the moment.  Your teachings have taught me to work through my struggles, ask for guidance and clarity and trust myself to know and understand that I have the courage to work through any uncertainties.  I am forever grateful and honored to share space with you."  With love, D. Dziuba - Canada

"Lana, Beloved West Sky Woman, May you continue to grow and embody the wisdom and vastness of your spiritual name.  Know always that your guides and teachers support you on your path of healing yourself and all those who continue to be blessed with your personal life experiences.

It is an honor to know you and to be your friend, to walk together, and share moments on this sacred journey home.  Thank you for the gift of who you are, the richness you bring, and how you show up in my life. Beautiful teacher and student, warrior of light, timeless connection.  In I wish you the fulfillment of your deepest aspirations and longings for the highest good of all! Aho!"   In Love Always, Deborah Brackman, Costa Rica

"Here, I, Diane, am sitting under my special tree, near the water, listening.  I am a new person and thanks to a little seed and a journey to this beautiful paradise, You have allowed me to feel, see and hear ‘little Diane.’  Your wisdom, guidance, and grace in which you had your is truly a gift.  Thank you.  I have learned so much and am beginning to feel and listen to my heart.  It is SO much better.  I feel calmer and look forward to bringing me home to my family, work, friends and everyone else around me.  I can SHINE and FEEL again.

Your work is healing and powerful.  I can see your beauty, and passion when you share and lead the Shamanic teachings and prayers. I chose this card (to express myself) because it represents beauty, both in and out, and the vitality of life you hold, share and of caring love." -  Diane, Ontario, Canada

"Presence, presence, presence! You walk into the room and have us at good morning! You don't need a theme, a peak pose or any type of complicated flowery lingo to get us exactly where we need to be. In our bodies, our hearts and in our minds. I'd speak about your cadence, your flow, your complete read of the room.... But that goes without saying!

Your edge and your draw, how you unabashedly deliver your class with a frank take on our human frailties and spin the challenges of a yoga practice into some kind of humorous exchange to give rise to some kind of golden nugget. Lana goddess at the beginning of class: 'Our job is to guide you as we know how in our own bodies, don't suffer, adjust yourself to what feels good'.

So much to learn from experience! My biggest take.... I don't need to seek far for great training. Although Lana and I are the same age.... I feel like a new tree sapling needing to plant myself closer to a tree that has already established a pathway and has her roots deeply implanted.

For so long.... I've been asking myself how I can be different, or, have my own 'schtick', or, be unique in order to draw a clientele. Lana does not try to do this, she just is. So.... Thank You, Lana.  Maybe being me IS enough. You exemplify grace and truth!"   -  Natalie, Sudbury, ON

"Thank you for your poise and graceful expression.  You fill our circle with a thread of depth and authenticity and eloquence that is juicy and sublime.  Sweet nectar of feminine bliss!  All my love." - Alana Greenberg, Costa Rica

"Lovely Lana.....What a gift you are.....Yesterday's yoga class was invigorating.....I left feeling absolutely incredible....You have such a way of speaking it touches not only my heart but my senses feel the words that it needs to feel, hear and touch.....well. I have to say it again. YOU ARE SUCH A GIFT!....You pause and stand gracefully but I can still feel you supporting our movements from one position to the next.

Within the last , I feel as though that I have dived to the bottom of the deepest ocean and have jumped up out of the water like a dolphin dances. I don't know what else to say except Namaste, and Thank YOU!  Sending you a warm hug my friend." - Daria Dziuba

"I started taking yoga classes with Lana about two years ago.  At the time, I was in the midst of a mind/body health crisis and was attempting to do whatever I could to get well. I had taken other yoga classes and sometimes practiced at home, but much of this seemed to be superficial...just going through the motions and not really delving into any of the 'good stuff'. 

From my very first class with Lana, I realized that I was right where I needed to be.  This was no ordinary yoga class!  It was evident from the start that Lana cared deeply about all of her students, and that she immersed herself fully in the teaching of every class.  Each week, she seemed to know intuitively just what the group of us were in need of.  In each class, not only were we guided thoughtfully through the physical poses, but we were also guided gently to insights and discoveries about ourselves that have been life changing experiences for me.

 Lana is a compassionate and highly skilled teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on to her students. I am very grateful to have had her as a teacher and look forward to learning so much more from her in the future."   -  Lara Newell-Barrette, Copper Cliff, ON

"You shared something so very special; the gathering of female energy and empowerment.  I loved your class and was able to bring the five elements into my heart at the end of practice.  Thank you for a lovely class and experience."   -  Andrea, Costa Rica

"Dear Lana, very good to be near you again. The yoga session was amazing. My body and soul have been rejuvenated from your special elixir."   -  H. Booth, Sudbury, ON

"What a beautiful practice.  So luscious and bountiful, strengthening, meaningful and empowering.  Wonderful to listen to your voice and share in such a thoughtful and feeling- innovation.  Thank you!"  - Erika, Costa Rica

"Lana, I love your creative integration of Native wisdom into the class.  Your slow, gentle and clear speech is very soothing."   Laurie, Costa Rica

"I feel like I just went on a journey, and perhaps I did, which I thank you for.  What an expression of beauty, grace, and wisdom.  You are pure Divine Feminine.  So sweet to share this experience with you.  Love and an abundance of blessings."  -  Ann, Costa Rica

"You are such an embodiment of womanly beauty and feminine energy!  It is so nice to see and experience.  It is sorely lacking in the world - such a natural essence you exude.  Very wonderful crossing paths and sharing this experience together.  Hope to see and spend time with you again." -  Ceciley, Costa Rica

"Goddess Sister!  I am so glad, happy, enlivened and tuned into your teachings and gifts.  Wow!  What a ceremony you just guided.  I love the directions and elements, blocks of support and breathing reminders.  YOU are a treasure.  Keep sharing your light.  The World needs you."  - Karuna, Costa Rica

"Lana, your teachings presence is filled with grace and beauty.  In deep gratitude for being a part what share."  -  Gita, Costa Rica

I am pleased to speak the wonderful benefits that Lana Boyuk through the OM Yoga Space & Manipura Studio has given me.

Through Lana's teachings and profound words, I have been able to see what my life can offer me and glimpses of experiences that await me. When I am in Lana's class I feel as though I am the sole student or participant. She gives me permission to let go, let be and to exercise my limits in a safe and beautiful surrounding. This surrounding is guided by her gentle, patient and profound words of guidance. She has taught me to proceed through life with humility and grace and kindness.

Finally, she has shown me that I am a life long learner and I can never, and never should stop growing.   -  Maureen Egan, Sudbury, Ontario

"I have to thank you again for everything. If you would not have walked up to me that day and invited me to the studio who knows how long it could have taken me to get where I am today.  Not sure if I have ever told you but before we met I saw you walking down the street and thought to myself how beautiful you were, not just the way you looked but everything. The expression on your face, the way you moved.....you seemed to have a glow about you. Thinking whatever that woman has I need to get some.

Not long after you came up to me and my journey started in a direction towards growth. Not always easy but very rewarding ......... continues to be!  Just wanted to let you know that knowing you has made me a much better person to myself and those around me. Really enjoyed the time we got to spend together and perhaps one day our paths will cross again." -  Nova Rosa Wheatley, Ontario

"Thank Lana, for the wonderful, spiritual experience last weekend. My body actually vibrated for 2 days...wow...

I actually realized that by keeping things simple and listening to my true and honest thoughts within, only then can I grow and tap into my power of intention for me so that I may have more inner joy and harmonious relationships.  Every morning for the last few months I have been saying YES to (love, joy, Being or whatever thought of the day came to mind) and only positive intentions have come my way.

There is so much I would like to share with you and I and have made it my intention to cross paths with you again one day.   Go with all your loving intentions and be who you are, Lana !!!  Love and warm hugs, Agathe Roy, Azilda, ON


"This workshop provided me with the opportunity to honor myself, to set aside time to touch base with myself, recharge the batteries and re-kindle the fires.  It also allowed me to also be giving and receiving, to share and to grow.  Such a wonderful journey.  Thank you, Lana."  -  Paulette, Sudbury, ON

"I thank you for your gentle loving "voice" that has called us inwards to love and honor ourselves and to know this rightful place that is ancient and innate in us as women.  With love."  -  Diane, Ontario

"This has been a magical experience.  The rituals were beautiful and so raw.  I loved all the tools that were used and the sacredness of this circle, where strangers could open up, share and all be a part of each others healing journeys.  The circle felt safe and loving.  Thank you, Lana, for your wisdom and love.  Thank you for sharing this experience with us.  It has been a beautiful weekend - absolutely perfect!"  -  Danielle Vanderzanden, Alberta
"Your guidance was amazing.  I do energy work on a daily basis but get stuck as I usually do it alone.  You have given me many tools to use in the future.  You didn't just give me knowledge, you gave me wisdom.  I'm on a pretty specific path right now and would appreciate your help in the future.  You have so much to offer.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  -  Meghan Juhti - Sudbury, ON


Lana, I remember your gentle 'way' of inquiry - of exquisitely coaxing, eliciting and gently encouraging people (me) to share and open... how compassionately you did this and how people such trust in you because you make it so safe to do so.  I thank you from the depth of my heart for this.”  -  Jules Barber, New Zealand

"As a whole, I feel a calming in the chaos.  A filling of the empty vessel with my true self.  I have a sense of pride because I am sharing my journey and the journey of 5 wonderful women as well." -  Kelly Richards

"Radiance Lounge Sessions with Lana was a dedicated space in which to flex my spiritual muscles, safely and with conviction. Lana’s and motivation inspire openness and led me to self-expression.  Radiance left me with techniques to strengthen my ability to flow with life with more positivity and gratitude. I feel powerful."   -  Cristina Masotti

"I am learning to let things unfold.  This lesson continued to tell me not to be concerned with what people are thinking about me.  Often I practice just being quiet and letting the surroundings unfold.  And always, it has served me well.  I was also reassured that my intuition is so very valuable and I am grateful that I have a strong relationship to my intuition."  -  Maureen, Ontario

"The Lounge Sessions I have attended with you and the clan have further enhanced my thirst for spiritual growth.  I Know (notice the big K) that I am on my way to being my Higher Self and that you are definitely one of my precious teachers.  Opportunities for growth are coming at me every day!  What a wonderful journey this is!  Again, I am grateful." -  Louise  Buckingham, Ontario

"If we invite our guides/messengers in, they will show up.  This sounds too easy.  Which brings us to TRUST.  Trust divine timing, trust that everything happens for a reason.  I think freedom can be found in this notion!"   -  Andrea Fechner, Sudbury, ON

"Lounge Sessions with Lana offered me a returning to that which is sacred; the sacred seed of femininity to blossom through truth, courage, vulnerability & authenticity.  Remembering that I Am, and that is beautifully & perfectly enough."   -  Liz O'Hara, Ontario


“I thoroughly enjoyed Lana's raw foods class. Her enthusiasm and passion for working with living foods transmittable and her knowledge base widespread. I loved her basic philosophy with cooking which is "versatility creates ease." That notion helped to re-ignite my love for being in the kitchen. This class has also reminded me that cooking is a form of creativity.

Lana's recipes are simple yet the flavors combined were complex and full of nourishment. While creating incredible dishes for us to enjoy she was also able to weave the importance of alkalinity, digestibility, absorption, soaking & sprouting into the class.  Thank you, Lana, for encouraging me to navigate life through my intuition. You are a true gift to this world.”    -  Beth Bluth, Holistic Health Coach - Asheville, NC

"These sessions have been invaluable in helping us define what is keeping us apart and in helping us map a way to reach each other again. Finding ways to by-pass words, with Lana's guidance, enabled us to discover new ways of communicating and relating.
Over the weeks, it became apparent that while we had been searching for a bridge to bring us together over the river that separated us, what we really needed was to plunge into the river and meet in the middle. Lana gave us the courage to take the plunge and kept us anchored and safe as we swam out over our heads.
While we don't know where our new path will take us, there is comfort in knowing that we are working together once again. YOGA OF INTIMACY inspired our lives, I recommend that everyone takes this journey."  -  Leslee & Tim Blatt - Sudbury, Ontario
"One of the greatest satisfactions in life is to be deeply connected on many levels with another human being.  Lana’s course on Partner Yoga truly works to develop a new level of intimacy and friendship with your partner. 

Through the use of candles and lighting, Lana creates an atmosphere of trust and love for participants. Close partner exercises, meditations and of course, the chocolates all work to bring a feeling of being one.  With her guidance through readings and dialogue, our experience in her class was indeed heavenly."  -  Judy & Mario


"I AM healing! I AM dancing and singing in the kitchen again! I AM learning how to love myself and have compassion for myself... I did not think that I could or would emerge out of the deep darkness that was affecting my every waking minute, my marriage and my children.

Lana, I truly thank my spirit guides for placing on my path. Thank Lana, for sharing your light so that I might find mine... Thank you for your insight, guidance, and wisdom in teaching me how to become the "ME" that I was always meant to be. I AM HAPPY again! Namaste Lana, truly and deeply... "  -  Natalie Gerow, Sudbury, ON

"I met Lana in 2008 when I decided to try yoga as a means to relax and develop a healthy way to deal with challenges that had been occurring in both my professional and personal lives.  Yoga provided me with a new way to view the world and, for the first time since beginning my Ph.D. in the late 1980s, I was able to work toward finding balance in my life.  However, the challenges I was experiencing demanded more of me than I could find the energy to handle.  So I approached Lana and told her that I “had been there and done that” with respect to the medical and psychological professions and that I needed something else. 

She offered to coach me in individual sessions in which she married her gifts of and compassion with her deep knowledge of yoga and where the body retains the past.  Through several sessions, Lana was able to lead me to discover how I was allowing some of my past to percolate into the present and cloud my vision and limit my personal growth. 

These sessions and my learning have stayed with me and, I feel, provided me with the confidence to achieve balance in my professional life and, more importantly, make room for someone very special in my opened heart.  Lana has earned my deepest trust, respect, and confidence; she has been a wonderful yoga instructor and life coach and has helped me in many ways."  -  William Crumplin, Ph.D., Sudbury, Ontario

“Lana enabled me to define my goals, face my fears and move forward with intention.  She gave me the tools to move through a tough situation with grace.  She also made it possible for me to find the gifts in every difficulty I've encountered. Lana provides an environment that is safe with genuine caring and compassion.  Her intuitive natures combined with her professional accreditation are a powerful combination.  Lana is truly a gift”.  -  Debra Van Altena

Dear Lana!

Thank you for being you! I have just finished reading your sacred medicine journey and felt profound waves of emotion as your words described your journey very accurately and with much humility and purity. You are a channel of pure light and an inspiration to your community. I was touched by your very personal, emotional and human sharing as well as your ancestral healing and wishes for healing for all mothers and children who didn't have/don't have a strong and healthy male/husband/father figure.

Your experience is once again a pioneering one for it is so absolutely vital for all of us this human experience "trip" to heal and reunite, powerfully with Source & Love.

May you soak deeper and deeper in the ocean of love, dear Lana, because so many people admire you, respect you and love you!!! Keep on shining! Your page and indeed your life work is fantastic and is really teaching me and inspiring me to lead a cleaner, and healthier, stronger, more conscious life.

Merci Beaucoup!  Muchas Gracias! 
Richard N. Malette, Insight Astrology - Ontario